Today One Girl can be educated and her life will change. Thank you Kimberly.

I’ve never met Kimberly face to face but today she did something that inspired the shit out of me.

We’ve talked on Instagram. We’ve shared book titles, swooned over each other’s hiking shots and our plans to live life a little differently.

Mostly, she shares generous words and she makes my heart swell with her warmth. Kim has a kind soul.

This morning I read this post by the incredibly passionate shit giver Sarah Wilson (it was on my mind most of the day). I consider her one of my shit giving mentors – even if she doesn’t know it.

This afternoon something else happened. My kind friend Kim donated an education to One Girl via this website I set up a few weeks ago.

I’m trying to not have too many expectations about my One Girl Camino challenge. I took a leap with the idea (it felt right) and honestly the execution scares the bejesus out of me. I can walk the trail – no problem. But sometimes I wonder am I even cut out for this? Can I do it? Can I rise to the challenge of this desire to make a difference?

I’m not a corporate. I’m a midwife and a health ed teacher and yet I’m hoping I can do this, get some companies on board to sponsor One Girl. (Any tips with this will be greatly appreciated).

I refuse to be scared and you can bet I’m going to write to every company in the yellow pages (does that still exist???) and then I’ll probably write some more, up until the last minute – then I’ll hike and share the Camino. Seems like a good place to start. Everything starts somewhere.

I know it’s time to stand up for something that matters and educating girls who have more chance of being sexually assaulted than attending high school – that matters. It matters a whole lot more than my fear.

Kim, your generosity means that one girl, who, unlike my daughter Zoë wasn’t as lucky in where she was born will have the chance to go to school next year. This chance will change One Girl’s life.

So from the bottom of my heart Kim I say thank you for showing me that planting a seed matters. Today you taught me that anything is possible. I can make a difference. Sarah, thank you from the heart  too for always standing up and reminding us that apathy is not ok. Gently you share courage.

Right ladies I’ll be watering this seed I planted when I returned from my travels because that is what I am hungry for.  Change in the world. I am in the the ring. Thank you both for what you did today.

Fran xx


If you find yourself out on the trail, no matter for how long or how far and want to share, please tag it #hikeforonegirl so I can find it. Singing birds are well worth the effort.

Check in for my diary updates – Camino 2018 One Girl Project. 

I’ve added a thank you page for the champions of this story here. Support crews are everything.

A few more opportunities for corporate sponsorship.

Lovely, kind readers – I’m not on Facebook or Twitter but if you are and you enjoyed the read or you know anyone who might want to help, or follow along, I’m cool if you share.

Camino Frances 2018 (769km) – Trek for One Girl Sponsors:






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