We met because somewhere along the (on)line we shared a little of ourselves through our stories.

I posted this image on my social account recently to say thank you and to acknowledge the support of this bunch of adventurously spirited women. At the time of posting together for One Girl Australia we had enough in the kitty to educate 4 girls.

UNREAL hey! And guess what I haven’t even met all of these women. Not personally, if that means face to face but what’s personally? To me is a shared connection. We’ve met because somewhere along the (on)line we shared a little of ourselves through our stories and we spoke to each other. Our lives are all different but there is a thread … we are adventurous women who explore this life journey. Some of us close to home, some far from home – who defines home anyhow? To me home is a feeling.

Each year our lives look just a little different as we strive to seek what is is important, to face the fears and the expectations that may hold us back, to question what is right, to change what needs changing, to live in the peaks and troughs and to live life like we mean it.

I love that about this community of women that I’ve had the privilege of finding solidarity with. The ones who have supported, encouraged and reminded me that I am not alone. Because of these everyday adventurers I feel like I live in a world that’s stronger, kinder, safer.

As we head towards International Women’s day let’s recognise the importance of each other. Let’s celebrate what we create, that we share, that we can connect in this wonderful world and help each other by opening ourselves, stepping out (up), speaking and growing – however that looks.

Time to throw some more heart into this project. Mi camino.


Do you want to hike for one girl too? Join us here on the women who hike team.

Check in for my diary updates – Camino 2018 One Girl Project.

I’ve added a thank you page for the champions of this story here.

Support crews are everything. A few more opportunities for corporate sponsorship.

Sponsors of The Camino Frances 2018 (769km) – Trek for One Girl:


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