Writing from Los Arcos – Day 6

I’ve been watching how people use their arms as they walk. Some have their hands in their pockets, some hold tightly to the straps on their packs and some swing their arms freely. I’m trying to swing my arms … when I let go of holding my pack and let my arms go there’s a nice rhythm. A rhythm that’s in tune with my legs, the landscape, the moment. I wonder if what we’re doing with our arms when we walk relates to how we do life? Gripping tightly, hiding or swinging freely and confidently – with purpose.

Days on the Camino – 6

Kms – 30 kms. Total is around 145.2kms!! I’m still blister free thankfully. The heat rash thing on feet is back … hot, long day.

Starting point today – Lorca, Spain.

End of the day – Los Arcos, Spain .

Number of girls in Africa educated – 19

Total funds raised so far $5,980.00. If you’d like to contribute you can do so here.

Frances Antonia – Do it in a dress.

Thanks for the help Kimmy from the Women Who Hike team.

Today was dedicated to

Kimmy, a pilgrim and friend. Someone I met on Instagram, a fellow hiker. The first person to ensure that one girl received an education and the one who showed me I could actually do this! Sometimes it takes one person to inspire us, to propel us forward beyond our doubts. Your support very early on did that Kimmy! And look where we are … on a camino with nearly 20 girls in school next year. Buen Camino friend – you’ll find your way to Santiago. xx

Accommodation – This albergue Casa Alberti in the town of Los Arcos I’m unsure of. I’ll put the name in tomorrow when we leave. It’s a bed for the night (€10) and there are only 6 of us here in a 12 person room so bonus. It doesn’t look like there are snorers, we’ve been super lucky with that. For the first time I’ve pulled the bug sheet out. Purposely bought from Travel Safe (with a discount) on account of my allergies to bites and because of its light weight. I haven’t felt the need to get it out before tonight. This place doesn’t feel loved and I just read a review from two weeks ago that mentioned bites. I wish I’d checked that earlier.

Food highlight – Ordering a local speciality and not knowing what would come out! It was an omelette with chorizo on a baguette, delish … but massive. The owner wrapped half for us to take on the road. I love that no one has taken advantage of us. It would be easy to provide crappy service because pilgrims are not returning customers … we stay one night, eat one meal, buy one coffee and we walk.

In a word(s) – Wondering how life after 30kms a day will feel.

There’s a lot of time to notice what’s happening when you walk the camino. A lot of rhythmic walking where thoughts roll in and out as opposed to round and round. People of all ages, nationalities and all with their own purpose.

The paths were quieter today. The flow of pilgrims seems to have spread out. My sister and I walked together and alone for parts. Up until lunch time we only passed four or so.

There are a few pilgrims we’ve been crossing paths with and today many appeared through the day either along the path or in the town we landed in. It’s the organic flow that happens on the camino dictated by timing, there’s probably something spiritual in that. Maybe the camino is starting to weave it’s magic on me.

Those cracker American brothers from day 3 are in town tonight making us laugh! As are our German friends the yin and yang – the pace setter and the gentle one who smells the flowers.

Earlier in the camino I chatted with a man, I’ll call him Will. Will had 20kgs on his back. His sleeping bag weighed seven of those kilos. He was puffing up the hill and he was wondering what he could do without in his pack. I remember thinking we will all learn to be lighter on this camino. We will all lose something that weighs us down and holds us back.

It’s part of the challenge. A camino is spectacularly beautiful as I’m sure you can see by the photos :) and the people are collectively the BEST people. But it’s challenging.

Physically we all have different capacities but we all push harder each day, comfort zones are pushed … I’m writing in a bottom bunk, next to a snorer zipped in a net because I’m in a dodgy hostel tonight! Because that’s how I’m doing my camino, light in my backpack and without plans and bookings but needing to be disciplined with writing. Will, he came to be less disciplined with work! Yes the camino will challenge you but it will also reward you. One doesn’t come without the other does it?

Today brought mountains to climb, fields of green and yellow, castles on hilltops, butterflies and birdsong, a wine fountain (yes, an actual wine fountain) ancient towns, deliciously simple food and people; kind, funny and gentle people. It’s not hard to swing your arms as you walk.

Buen Camino,

Fran x

6 thoughts on “Writing from Los Arcos – Day 6”

  1. Perhaps I needn’t comment every day! But my own step is lighter with the daily delight of your blog, your Camino dear Fran. Your photos are wonderful, and a joy; what countryside!
    Sending your feet some loving thoughts
    Janet xx

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  2. Hey Fran
    Have caught up on your blog last couple of days. What an incredible adventure, I’m not sure what I imagined it to be but I guess less towns and roads ( maybe I pictured narrow tracks over mountains) It all looks so beautiful, your photos are stunning and love seeing all the villages your passing through. What a beautiful journey to share with your sister… to have that adventure and time together, no interruptions and time to live in nature and the moment ! So so special. A few questions…. I haven’t heard you mention couples … but I imagine lots walk the trail. I’d love to with Nick one day. Also do any people have a dog as a companion with them? Maybe not allowed ? I would never dream of doing the walk with our dogs as such but I can’t stop thinking how much milo our kelpie would love every minute! When we do short hikes she leads the way and literally turns to check we are all still following every once in a while.
    Keep enjoying it all… so lovely to read your thoughts and so well done to you both what an achievement already.
    Much love

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  3. Thank you for thinking of me today. It’s amazing how absolutely beautiful the rough spots end up being. So happy to be a art of your amazing journey. Much love 💖😘

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