Writing from Rabé de las Calzadas – Day 12

Today we walked from one beautiful village into the deliciousness of Burgos, then out of Burgos and into another beautiful village. You just never know who you’ll meet around the corner when you’re walking the camino. I thought I’d tell you about last nights dinner but last night has been and here we are today … and it’s shaping up to be quite a special one (even with the sore achy feet).

Days on the Camino – 12

Kms – Today 28 kms. Our total is now around 300’ish kms hard to know the maps are all over the place.

Starting point today – Cardeñuela, Spain.

End of the day – Rabé de las Calzadas, Spain.

Number of girls in Africa educated – 20

Total funds raised so far $6,205.00. 

If you’d like to contribute you can do so here.

Frances Antonia – Do it in a dress.

Thanks for the help Kimmy from the Women Who Hike team.

Today was dedicated to – Those four that I love the most, who sent me packing with big smiles and said ‘have fun mum, go and do your hike to help girls’. I love you all beyond words and I hope my hugs are holding you … otherwise Jimmy can dish a few extra ones out for me.

Accommodation – The last stop before we walk The Meseta – Albergue Liberanos Domine. A dorm room, 3 bunks and spacious (€8.00 each). This privately run albergue is super clean, family run and has excellent food. The vibe is awesome.

Food highlight – It has to be breakfast in Burgos … a bun with egg, bacon and the creamiest goat’s cheese followed by a second tapa … the Spanish tortilla!

In a word(s) – Co-incidences.

It was a day of coincidental meet ups on track of the BEST kind! There was Matt the Aussie we met back in Zubiri. We also came across the Italian ladies from Piedmont taking a break and as promised I took a photo.

And if that wasn’t enough …

Gerard from Holland who I met on Insta while camino training (never face to face) and have been sharing the camino with through photos and comments was sitting at the table right near them! He and his walking crew are at the Albergue tonight. The sassy American girls who have floated in the same villages the past few days have just arrived and a couple of funny Italians just rolled in. The pilgrim meal is going to be a fun one tonight.

The camino is a funny place that changes day to day. With each day it becomes a part of you and you become part of it. This afternoon I’m going to finish writing early. I think the signs today point to an evening of sharing camino stories. We have landed in a beautiful village with a special group of pilgrims. Time to live the night.

Buen Camino,

Fran xxx

Ps Thank you for all your comments here and on IG they make my day.

4 thoughts on “Writing from Rabé de las Calzadas – Day 12”

  1. Maybe it’s a case of having the right people around for an introvert to pop out of it’s shell?
    That breakfast! Makes me want to set up a fabulous Albergue on the Camino so I can get reactions like yours today’s and make such a difference to how walkers experience it. Xxx

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