Writing from Santa Catalina – Day 20

After a few days of walking along the roadside we are again walking in the countryside under the shining sun. We have two parts to our day, the walk (6-7hrs) and our afternoon of rest. After walking on concrete yesterday our feet were a little tender for today’s walk. As was our afternoon, tender because one of us is missing.

Days on the Camino – 20

Kms – Today 28 kms. 200 and something to go!

Starting point today – Hospital del Órbido, Spain.

End of the day – Santa Catalina, Spain.

Number of girls in Africa educated – 23

Total funds raised so far $6995.00!

If you’d like to contribute you can do so here.

Frances Antonia – Do it in a dress.

Thanks for the help Kimmy from the Women Who Hike team.

Today was dedicated to – Last night I put out an invitation. I asked if anyone might be interested in educating One Girl and in turn I would also educate One Girl. I woke up to find that my friend Rory A.K.A @samedog said yes! He also created a character especially for the occasion.

My creative, wise friend with a nomadic soul and a wandering spirit I’m deeply touched by your kind and generous gesture. I have matched your donation and now we stand with 23 girls guaranteed an education next year. How amazing is that!?

I have no doubt you’ll find yourself on the camino one day and I look forward to more of our long chats before.

For more of samey’s creations you can pop in here.

AccommodationAlbergue el Caminante a twin room with ensuite (€20 each). Beautiful village, outdoor terrace, perfect to chill the afternoon away (with feet elevated).

Food highlight – Tonight’s pilgrim menu had a delicious chicken soup. You could taste how made it was.

In a word(s) – Tired must siesta tomorrow.

When I set out on this long walk I didn’t plan to document it in this way. I planned to write a journal. I wrote the first two days in my journal and found that this worked better for me. Here I am 20 days in with a post published each day!

I’m struggling to write today and to be honest I’m having a little writer’s block/fatigue so I’m going to adopt a little Elizabeth Gilbert and know that done is good. I’m excited and committed to what comes from this writing discipline. The joy of his space has been an added, unexpected bonus of this adventure.

We’re missing one of our own today as he had to head back to León for some medical treatment. Of the hundreds maybe thousands of people on the trail there are those that become your camino family.

We’re not always in the same town or at the same meals but our paths continue to cross. And at each crossing our friendships deepen. When someone isn’t walking we all feel it. If you’re reading this little brother we’ve only adopted your brother temporarily until you’re back on the trail. He might start making us have all the ‘true’ camino experiences otherwise. And frankly we’ve become used to our luxuries.

We spend the afternoon with our adopted bigbrother allowing it to pass by. We sat in the sun and watched the walkers and cyclists either stop for the day or continue to walk on. This village up high is like a ski resort in summer, full of adventurous types of all ages and nationalities.

We were delighted when we saw the ‘flouros’ walk in. A couple of Italian friends who always arrive in the very late afternoon in their marching flouro gear. Can you spot them? I’m not sure I’ve mentioned them yet.

Our host picked us some wild flowers with the most delicious smell and proudly gave all her guests a twig. It was one of those beautifully rich gestures and it stirred me to get writing.

Buen Camino,

Fran xx

3 thoughts on “Writing from Santa Catalina – Day 20”

  1. It’s special that you make connections on the trail Fran; then equally special to ‘fill a gap’ and give compassion to some. Kindest regards to the two ‘brothers’.

    I would write a journal; damn, I’m glad you’ve chosen to blog!
    Janet xx

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  2. I love the idea of the Camino family. Something very nurturing about that. I hope little brother is back on track soon.
    I can’t believe the glorious weather although I imagine it’s chilly in the early morn.

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  3. I’m glad you decided to document your journey here and share it with us! Also, you are blogging a book! Your Camino – your story, something you should publish to look back on, let your children and grandchildren read. And maybe publish it for the world to see. You know how you read some Camino Trail books, others will learn from yours and be interested in your story. Proceeds to benefit One Girl :)

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