Writing from Portmarino – Day 25

A day to test our capabilities! Every now and then it’s good to push a little harder. Extend a little more. Today was one of those days. While decided we’d walk a marathon after 24 days of practice and we’d do it with vigour as we cracked the 100kms to Santiago mark. Along the way I was quite privileged to meet Al. Al with his kind smile and lovely words ‘everyone feels connected on the camino’.

Days on the Camino – 24

Kms – Today 44 kms.

Starting point today – Trìacastela, Spain.

End of the day – Portomarín, Spain.

Number of girls in Africa educated – 23

Total funds raised so far – $7140.00. Goal is $10 per km so $7,690.00 just $550 to go!

If you’d like to contribute you can do so here.

Frances Antonia – Do it in a dress.

Thanks for the help Kimmy from the Women Who Hike team.

Today was dedicated to – My friend Kir from Travel with Meraki. For all your support, belief and encouragement right from the beginning. Possibly dreamer even grander dreams than me! You’re a beautiful community builder Kirsty and always so gracious and kind. So lucky to call you a friend.

Accommodation – Pensión Mar a pre booked twin room (€20 each). Beautiful host, gorgeous homey feel i.e. pegs on a washing line! Such a difference. An honesty fridge, snacks and free fruit and cakes.

Food highlight – Sometimes I forget how much I eat until I start posting here.

Today was a day of big kms and frequent feeding! I love, love eggs. They weren’t on the menu but our delightful breaky cafe owner was happy to cook them for us. Protein!

On the way to lunch we found a lovely local gent selling homemade treats! Of course we sampled them as well as the cheese and we bought an orange. ‘Donativo’ as is often the case with these driveway stalls.

Another highlight was a cream of broccoli soup. The first course on the pilgrim menu. So good to taste veggies.

Word/s of the day – Vigour.

Meet Al! He’s Canadian via Irish descent. His accent is still of the Emerald Isle and his kind character also. We walked together a while and talked of the joy of the camino, the mountains we’d recently climbed and of our shared interest in social justice. We talked of the Church I spoke of yesterday at O Cebreiro. He had attended mass there and had been asked to give the priest’s homily in English. An experience he was glowing from and would treasure.

Al’s camino started in Azorga, home of a Gaudi Church and well over 200 kms from Santiago. He walks with vigour this gentleman with grandchildren aged from 4 to 18. Honestly if there’s one thing that makes my heart sing it’s meeting busy people like Al! Busy giving life a good crack. I hope to see Al in Santiago and in the meantime I’ll send him his photos … like me he has some people at home who love living his adventure with him. He can add the photos to his facebook for them.

Remember the super hikers? The Germans? I was at a crossroad today and thankfully there was a German couple! Of course their guidebook was up to date, accessible and they knew the crossroad was coming. We took the shortcut … we always choose the least kms! We’re doing enough. We had one scary incident with some unchained dogs with a ferocious bark. It seemed their bark was worse than their bite. So glad, was scared for a few moments.

I’m pleased with how well we walked today. We are finishing stronger and feeling like we could hike further. Of course not today, no further than 44kms! I popped my feet in this bliss we found at our accommodation. First one I’ve seen. So good.

Another day of walking … now I know we say waking but don’t let that make it sound easy, it’s a very physical undertaking but oh so worth it.

It was a beautiful trail to hike a long day. We spend the day on country lanes. Again walking through working farms with spectacular views and beautiful skies. The birds were particularly on song today. And Al’s right we are all connected, to each other and the environment we live in. The people we smile at, the chats we fall into, the birds and the trees they remind us of that every day.

Buen Camino,

Fran xx

2 thoughts on “Writing from Portmarino – Day 25”

  1. Wow. Marathon effort sisters!
    It’s amazing how little things can make such a difference. You’ll never take pegs for granted ever again. The joy of a humble peg.
    Cabbage soup, broccoli soup, lots of eggs … how’s that all working for you? Thank goodness for the wide open spaces and country air.

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