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Dia dhuit,

As the days become shorter and the air crisper there is a new constant in my days. Di luna. Yes, her majesty – the moon. (ps the clip above provides a good background sound to this post). Now I don’t profess to know much about the moon I rely on others to tell me where she is, what she’s doing and what that means for me. But, I do know this – if you’re looking for something magical to happen in your life you could start there. Start with the moon. Dance in her light. Charge with her energy.

Di Luna, she is there when I wake and long before I go to sleep at night as we move into the darker months here. Her lunar phases unfolding before my eyes week by week as I cycle my children to their evening sport practice. Soon we will also be riding to school under the light of the moon.

The moon – something we can take for granted in our increasingly noisy, blamey, scared entitled plastic world. Glory we can forget to notice … and yet I think we are screaming for the kind of magic the moon gives us. There’s something mystical and soothing about being in the presence of the moon. Wiser, greater and more precious than anything the mall or the memes can sell us. Peace. She can of course be a bit scary in all her glory … asking us to stand honestly in her presence. Honesty isn’t always easy amongst rush, noise and plastic. Unsure? Let the moon guide you – that’s where you’ll find wild adventure and an escape or break from fake. Keep it wild from where we stand 101 friends.

Both the moon and a special moon (knowing) friend have been orbiting in my world the past few years, (there’s a pun for the week for you Annette) and I believe they have been slowly giving me clues to help find magic. A deep magic. As much as I love Harry Potter I know we can’t really shake a wand and make something happen … we need to be a part of making it happen.

Isn’t it wonderful though to be able to drift into fantasy. Fantasy reminds us of the value of magic. Perhaps indulging in fantasy takes us closer to our reality? Perhaps there is more of a fine line between the two than we realise? Magic happens when we bravely step into life seeking to believe there is meaning beyond the rush, noise and the plastic.

I truly believe we can learn about life and ourselves in the company of the moon (all nature really but I’m currently in a moon phase). Along the camino, particularly my last one in September I walked most mornings under the moonlight. It taught me a lot about fear and as scary as it was it was also exhilarating.

This week I took myself out running and misjudged the sunset. Again, I found myself alone in the moonlight. We live in a world where solace is not often sought amongst the seasons nor the elements. We seek only to be comfortable and to control them. And yet every time I loosen my grip, trust what’s uncomfortable and unknown and step into solitude in nature I begin to uncover more of what’s true.

During my run I discovered where the my magic will come from this winter. I’ll be making my own illuminated by the moonlight . Perhaps she’ll help me refine those wild truths my old friend, the courageously daring feeling wind shook up these past few winters.

Ag siúl go maith,

Fran x

PS My first half marathon starts at midnight – yep it’s a night run, ironic that!

4 thoughts on “Create your own magic”

  1. Hey Fran – love this blog about the moon … make some moonwater – put a bowl of water outside at night to absorb the moon’s rays – in the morning splash your face with the moon water on rising … ask Grandmother moon to energise your day … soon you will be calling in the 4 directions (north-south-east-west) … Grandfather Sun – Grandmother Moon – Mother Earth and all our relations in nature (those who walk, crawl, fly and swim) … you can see where my Altar of Life is … a fabulous blog !

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    1. Oh wow Paula thank you so much for this! I absolutely love this. I will be making moon water. It will be a crisp way to start the day now that we are hitting the 1-2 degrees – how brilliantly invigorating. Watch this space …

      Fran xx


  2. Oh I love you knew I must! Anything about Mother Earth; compared or not, to the clamour of perfect, and something to be trusted.

    Thank you for your words Fran; words that bring clarity..not merely noise x

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    1. It is an interesting one whether to compare or not to the clamour. I like that word by the way. I try not to invest myself in the clamour and tend to not want to acknowledge it but … today I felt the need to clear a path through the clamour. I want to see past the excuses that come between the magic, you know? So I acknowledged where they come from … now I see only what needs illuminating. And I know you will also understand these thoughts dear friend. Fran xx


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