You’ve Got Mail.

In celebration of sending and receiving postcards! A friend send me a postcard a year or so ago and I’ve been sending them out into the world  in return ever since. The postcard exchange. Yesterday there was one in my postbox and gosh it’s a beautiful ‘thing’. So today a postcard for you friend.







6 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail.”

  1. Hi Fran,

    Had my coffee in bed this morning, where I’ve stayed ALL day and into the evening. It’s another cold day here, though not as freeeezing as the last few days.

    This afternoon 3000 people have been put into a 5 day mandatory lockdown in their homes, with police on every floor of their buildings. I’m not sure if they’re all housing commission flats, but it is so strange to think of people 30kms from here, arriving home today to find police checking their ID and informing them once they go inside, they won’t be coming out for five days.

    Poor Melbourne, she’s struggling with COVID-19 outbreaks in clusters in the north and west.

    I’m keeping an eye on the ASRC socials to see if they’ll do a fundraiser.

    Write on my friend, I’ve never wanted to visit Italy as much as I do your version of it on the terrace.

    Annette xx

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    1. Hi Annette!
      Coffee in bed is one of my favourite things. Gosh I love a doona day! I’ll have to interrupt mine to get a run in. It will be a small one, I’m in for an easy day all round.
      I am reading, watching and following what is happening in Victoria. I am nervous and worried on so many levels. My heart breaks as I read the stories of those affected and it’s only just beginning. It is hard to comprehend. It seems stricter than anything we’ve seen in Europe and some countries also had hard lockdowns. Bloody Corona and it’s impact on those already at risk. Do share any ASRC action if they mobilise around this.
      I always see you as a Provence kind of artist. I think it’s the wildflowers. I’ll find a way to write you there. The spark searcher for the story has just now launched into the depths of where my stories come from. Will await the return of a lit spark!
      May tonight bring you peaceful dreams friend.
      Fran x


  2. Always nice to get a letter or mail that is more personal and engaging. It usually generates that warm feeling that one will have when one sits in front of a warm fire in the winter

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  3. I love the word Fika! Why doesn’t English have a word for such a thing? It feels like ‘chat’, but much more?

    Enjoy your indoor day! Outdoors is wonderful, but the odd indoor day, especially a weather-enforced one, is good for balance ❤️

    Karen x

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    1. Word huh! So many of these words that mean more, that relate to the whole experience!

      Indoor day was good. Had to leave for my run but I saw a Heron. It was odd, I have’t seen one in ages. It’s always a good sign for me when I see a heron.

      Hope your weekend has been grand and the Fika was good in sunny Brissie.

      F x


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