Something Light, Something Easy!


Some days we need light and easy. And no, not upside down lotus. Simple and easy means different things to different people! And don’t worry the conversation went like this ‘mum, look I can do upside down lotus’. Me ‘ Oh, wow amazing! But don’t do that again please.’ I may run each day but my run streak has plenty of one mile days. One mile being the minimum distance required in a streak. So when I need to I get by on the minimum that is what I run. And it is often, because capacity friends. I’m ferocious with protecting mine.

I protect it by keeping things simple, by knowing when to back off somewhere to create space somewhere else. It’s a combination of tilting and setting boundaries. Tilting towards where you need to be and setting up boundaries to protect what is important. (Ps setting your own boundaries is not being selfish, it is valuing yourself and your needs).

I learnt early. I almost burnt out as a young teacher doing ALL the extra work. Working ALL the available hours and taking on ALL the emotional labour of students, parents and peers. Now I’m protective of what I give. It was one of the best lessons I ever learnt because there will always be something or someone that wants/needs a piece of you. And there is only so much of us, just as there is only so much time available.

I gave a lot to writing yesterday’s blog piece. A lot of time and a lot of energy trying to word it, reword it once it was posted and some then even more thinking, does it say what I was trying to say?! I wanted it to be helpful, to offer something relatable. Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn’t but it was yesterday and today is today, so I move on. But I know today is a 1 mile writing day. I am reaching capacity. 

Today I’m just going to get by on this writing steak. Of course I’ll write. That’s the idea of this month long streak (challenge) to work through each day and write, to prove to myself I can. To create something. I knew when I started there would be days it wouldn’t  easy and days where I’d need to be able to give less. My run steak prepared me for that. So I’m going to share a recipe with you. My favourite ‘get by’ (aside from the fruit bowl) snack for the kids.

I’ve shared it before. It’s not the chop up raw veg platter, although that’s on the go in the fridge for lunch wraps, it’s the fruit muffins. I decided when the holidays started I’d make a batch every or every second day as required. And when the kids tire of them I’ll switch to something else. Ideas and recipes for that something else welcome. Must be simple, must be easy and not too many ingredients!

Fruit flavoured muffins!


  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup of sugar (I’ve already halved this but I might half it again)
  • 1 whisked egg
  • 1 cap of vanilla essence (optional, I don’t have any so we’re doing without)
  • 1.5 cups of S.R.Flour
  • 3/4 cup of milk
  • Desired fruit flavour

How I do it:

First I get it all ready.

And begin. Beat the butter, sugar and essence. Add egg to the side of the same bowl, beat it a little and then combine with the mix (if using banana add here).

Sift in the flour and milk slowly and beat in.

Once mixed stir the fruit through (play with amounts – no rules) we’re using blueberries but apples are a favourite too.

Dried fruit also. I bought some dried apples and sultanas to store in case one day we didn’t have real fruit. You know like it there are only oranges in the fruit bowl! Although they’d work wouldn’t they. Orange cake is a thing.

Pop them in your muffin trays and bake in a moderate 175 degree oven for 15-20 mins depending on your oven. While they’re cooking have a cuppa and wash your bits and bobs ready for tomorrow!I’ve got mine washed, stacked and ready for tomorrow. 

A nice easy writing streak day. These photos were from a muffin bake this week so there was no pressure to bake and write! It was a story I had up my sleeve, no staging required. I don’t roll like that. My photos are life as it is happening. I still have to make today’s batch! It will be banana because there are some old ones to use. Anyway, moral of the story – no one is superwoman/man. No one can get it all done but there are ways to keep it all flowing easier. Keeping it simple, tilting and boundaries work for me. 

Now for the washing? What are your hacks there? Urgh it’s building up here! Something always has to give if you want to take some time to make things. And you thought I wanted the time left over to go cycling didn’t you? LOL. You do know me well, of course I do! But it’s pouring with rain on this side of the world. I can’t complain the garden needs it. So today, with my boundaries firmly in place to protect my capacity I’ll tilt towards the washing, the dreaming up of some new stories for you, the kids, I’ll run my mile sneak out for a quick pedi (I do like nice toes) and I’ll get organised. Hopefully, the weather will be favourable tomorrow for that ride!




#day 9/31



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