Europe has opened up and the movement is towards living alongside the pandemic. Countries have different rules, but in general masking up in certain situations is becoming the ‘norm’.

In The Netherlands we are one of the more relaxed countries. Currently, it’s only compulsory on Public Transport. I haven’t worn a mask since working in a hospital and dang it’s hot hiding in here.

You do get used to it in five minutes though. And so we should. A small inconvenience to protect the well being of others and our societies. Some grumble that it’s a barrier. Of course it is. A barrier to the spread of a highly contagious virus! Yay for masks I say.

Meh grumbling about a small inconvenience. I don’t get it. Save the ranting for stuff that matters, stuff that’s worthy of actual energy and people’s time. A new normal that requires a mask (for now) is the least of the world’s problems! Hey it may actually solve one.

Another of my personal post quarantine measures. If you’re gonna waste energy on bullshit kinda complaints – I ain’t got energy to give you for that. Peeps gotta start calling their privilege out. Or you know take the time to adjust (slowly, slowly) or just stay home! Nope, I’m forty eight today and I’ve only got time for important shit.





4 thoughts on “Adapting.”

  1. You tell em … sick of listening to people’s inane whinging about Covid-19 ruining their social life – (ooops who said that?) ….

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