Travel In The Saddle!

Rather than camping in France we’re home and we are cycling Holland! Lol. No, not even much of Holland just a tiny part from the front door. For the few hours a day I’m on my road bike I feel like I could be anywhere in the world. Except in this shot – the windmill is a dead giveaway! And while I still do a bit of a oooh could we go to Austria for some mountains, or France for some surf. These hours I’m on my bike, this time in our lives when home is calling is worth more to me right now. And I do hear Holland has surf!

As I’m cycling by blue seas with wildflowers adorning the verge I could be in Spain or France. When we’re waiting for trains to pass or grand trees overhang the the path I could be in county Aussie. And when the seasons change four times in a day we’ll folks I’m in Melbourne! A part of my heart is always there so we get to meet up.

The paths are all new to me because my cycling career is just beginning, so always there’s a hint of exploration when we set out. When I sit up on my racer all geared up and ready to fly I can’t deny there’s a buzz. I think I’m on a kinda high.

Adventuring in our own surrounds is the new travel. The year of local vaycay. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed seeing people share, discover and fall in love with their homes and countries, with living local.

Adventures in bread making, hiking, photographing and gardening. These adventures are shared so proudly, so energetically in the socials. It’s the natural high of stepping into a trip with curiosity, it’s a force! A gusty force of good vibrations. I am glad to be along for the ride.





3 thoughts on “Travel In The Saddle!”

    1. Ha! Blissfully flat. Lol. Yes can ride for hours. The bike paths are what make it such brilliant pursuit here. Sometimes it’s like walking rural Spain. Just kms off countryside and rolling through the odd village. Hope your ride went well the other week.

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      1. I must admit that I love riding on the flat – a bit like walking on the flat. I just get my rhythm going and put the brain in neutral and off I go. Very meditative. Yes, the bike ride around Lake Burley Griffin was fabulous and I was surprised at how the legs held up. The bikes are in getting a service as we speak so there will be no stopping us soon! AND no excuses not to ride! ;-)


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