Crossing Borders. Eating Pretzels. Wearing Masks And Chats With Mates.

We crossed three borders today. Starting from home in The Netherlands into Germany, through to Switzerland and on and into Italy. We ate pretzels, wore our masks for toilet breaks (first time for little ones, it was fine they get it). I had some really awesome what’s ap. and Insta private chats (each one significant for reasons that are unfolding, will come back to these in future writing). Flow though friends, always trust the flow, act on the gut instinct to talk.

Not once did we show our passports or face border control. I love the European Union Schengen zone. We did have to buy our 40 Swiss franc road sticker (this allows us to use the roads  for a year rather than tolls). The tolls start on the Italian roads (not as exy as French roads).

We drove past lakes and streams and towards mountains. Oh my heart danced when we arrived in the Alps. We crossed them via tunnels. Aaaah it’s a beautiful way to travel. As is hiking in or taking trains in Europe! Italy was our destination so we enjoyed the scenic route in. It felt like one freeway down.

And there was the oddness of the Corona. Naturally. It’s in our current lives. We stopped only for petrol and toilets. Masked up, gloves for petrol and hand sanitiser. Maybe over the top but this is a highly contagious virus and we don’t want to get sick. In Germany masks are compulsory. Switzerland not, but many wore masks.

We pack food, lots of food. *BIG TRAVEL TIP* We travel with a car fridge. Also had robes at our ‘motel’-  honeymoon style, the boys were beside themselves (future Christmas present idea maybe). Wraps are our go to for a road trip. We had enough for our roadside motel dinner too, so no need to go and find dinner anywhere. We also pack cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, apples, bananas, popcorn, chippies, biscuits and  sweeties. Drink bottles for each of us.

We pre-booked the motel so we knew how far we had to come, we  wanted to cross ALL the borders today. I’ve been watching Europe. I am sure we’re good here, no surprises I can predict. But who knows with the pandemic, things change. It’s the risk we take travelling. I wouldn’t be travelling the other way through Belgium, France and Spain right now (daily changes there).

Husband, legend who did all the driving. Mostly because he hates being a passenger is working from ‘home’ this week. We will leave early tomorrow and arrive before lunch when his first zoom meeting is scheduled. Is this not something interesting?! Changing up the home office to a Tuscan farmhouse villa for a week before taking a week off! Heck we could even stay on in Italy and he could work another week before we have to come back for school.








4 thoughts on “Crossing Borders. Eating Pretzels. Wearing Masks And Chats With Mates.”

  1. Road trip is so fun! Of course when I’m not driving haha, that said my husband loves to drive (that’s his profession btw, a bus driver (from being a high school teacher) because he loves to drive so much.

    I envy you guys travelling abroad, we had vacation in southern Denmark this summer and hoping for better times later that we can travel abroad again :P

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    1. It’s so helpful having someone who loves to drive! I’m happy driving in NL and I’d drive if I had to. But man those cars in Germany go fast. And these Northern Italian freeways, so many trucks. We drive on the other side of the road in Aus!

      Many Danes vaycay at home in summer don’t they? I bet it’s beautiful.

      We had initially planned France but watching it and it didn’t seem right. Glad with our choice. No exploring happening but just being here, in a different style of accommodation to what we normally do,warm (36 degrees) and eating Italian food is enough.

      I wonder where your first trip will be? Are you thinking abroad Europe or further?

      Fran :)


      1. Oh I know what you mean about German highways. Last time we were driving from Southern Denmark to Flensburg via autobahn was quite stressful because we weren’t used to driving so fast, and these German cars were so impatient! Haha

        We are planning to go to London in November, but we haven’t booked anything yet (usually I’m the one who planned my vacations months before!) because we want to see the situation. I hope by next year, we can go to Asia / South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia – where my parents are.

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      2. The Swiss don’t seem to mind the speeds. I saw a few Swiss number plates zooming past in Germany! I couldn’t do it. The impatience makes me nervous.

        I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t be booking anything in advance. It seems it will be a long Autumn and winter in Europe ….

        Maybe mid year next year there will be a vaccine. This will be the only thing I think that gets the travel back to Aus and Asia. I can’t see it otherwise. Such a tricky time. Hope your family is all ok. I try not to think to hard about not being able to get back. It’s too big.

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