Tuscan Wandering.

Every window and every door of this traditional Tuscan villa offers a glimpse of postcard Tuscan wonder. This vista the view from the bathroom. When the end of the work week arrived last night, rather than a knock off drink the husband and I took ourselves off on a knock off hike! A wander out the front door and up into the Tuscan wonder.

I’ve given up my running schedule while I’m here to hike this trail each day. It is spectacular. And it’s simply Tuscany. The colours, the rolling hills and valleys, olive groves, vineyards, bountiful fruit trees, earthy brick and concrete buildings as far as the eyes can see, wildflowers at ground level and expansive skies above. The buzzing of the flies during the day and the mozzies at night remind us there’s always some discomfort! However, dips in the pool, a fan to sleep near and Italian gastronomy more than compensate for this.

My legs hurt in new places. I tricked them with these hills and the hiking. They were so used to running across flat Holland. This is the hiking I love. Wild wonder. Adventurous trails with surprises along the way. It’s good to change it up, do something different with your legs and for your mind don’t you think? I feel a familiar sense of myself on these trails. Hiking through and across countries. The solitude of simply walking.

It’s a weird time in the word to be travelling. The familiarity of being here, the slowness of the days, the long nights and the unfurling of this unplanned time away doesn’t feel like travel. It feels like living. Living within a community, quietly up on the hill and in the local wildness. This is slow travel, this is home for now, this time here behind the Tuscan windows.








4 thoughts on “Tuscan Wandering.”

  1. Nice post. You sound adventurous, so I have a suggestion. If you travel east of Florence, there is a Franciscan monastery on a mountain above the village of Della Verna that I recommend for a day trip or an overnight stay. It is located on a pilgrimage called the Way of St. Francis. The grounds are beautiful and the historic buildings are mostly open and there is a cafe, gift shop and, at 3 p.m., the friars sing Gregorian chants in the basilica, then do a procession to a chapel. You do not need to be religious to appreciate it…there is also overnight accommodation. (You might want to check that it is open considering the current virus situation.) We started our trek there and walked to the Vatican…an incredible trail. The Umbrian mountains (the trail runs up and down them), just southeast of Della Verna, are one of our favorite parts of Italy. Some incredible hikes on the Way to St. Francis to towns like Assisi, Gubbio, Spello and Spoleto.
    Best wishes!

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    1. It’s a nice place to be in that solitude. One foot in front of the other. I’m glad your finding peace in the walking. When I walked the Camino I met many people walking through so many different things! It makes sense that to move through something we need to move in some way. It seems from your blog you’re a mover! A strong and courageous one. :)


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