I didn’t forget you in Tuscany!

I did however take leave from the Tuscan villa to do some exploring and at the same time I took some leave from writing. And from thinking about writing. Because sometimes it’s the time to do the living without expectations, without the commitments. To go out and learn things, feel things, make things, try things, new things, old things differently, just things, experiencing the things and the feels.

It’s not a biggie today, just a little note to say I’ll pick up where I left off in Tuscany tomorrow. A hill top town friends, that’s where we will go. My writing here is not a thing I want to leave behind. I’ve missed this space, the routine of it, the clarity that comes from it, the longer words that allow more depth than a caption. The way it propels me towards my own path and of course the connection with you lot. I’ve missed you.



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