Welcome to my little space on the web. I’m Fran and I set this blog up to document my journey as I prepare for and walk the Camino Frances in April 2018 as an Ambassador for One Girl.

The Camino is said to begin when it ends. We have just spent the best part of a year on a camino of sorts – slow travelling in a campervan. So for me this is an ending and a beginning.

I still like to keep it a little wild (mid 40’s, meh what’s age?). I think many of us are looking for time out of the crazy. Connecting with the nature and adventure, for me is always a beautiful way home to myself.

We are an Aussie family of 6 are currently living in Europe. We’re changing things up after asking ourselves a few questions. We weren’t digging the messages of materialism, individualism, competition and consumption that we being bombarded with.

It was time to re-evaluate how we wanted our life to look and feel.

Stepping back to say ‘no’ to the things that didn’t matter and ‘yes’ to what does.

A life where we live like we mean it.

A life with no regrets.

A connected life.

These days life is more in tune with our values. It’s in a slower lane and adventure is a big priority.

Travelling long term with my family changed me. I’m still reflecting on the wonder of that adventure but there is on thing  I’m sure of –  we are incredibly privileged to live this life we do.

We enjoy a freedom that comes from being born lucky. Of course we still have to work hard and we have all the normal bumps that go with living life but I do have a voice. A voice that I want to use to share  love of adventure and travel in a way that stands for something.

Happy hiking friends.

Yours in freedom, adventure and change.

Fran xx

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