Welcome to my little quiet space. I set up this blog to prepare for and walk the Camino Frances in April 2018 as an Ambassador for One Girl Australia. It came about after we spent time travelling in Europe.

After hiking my camino I’ve become someone who ‘walks’ across countries. Right now I’m walking to Rome. I started from my front door and will do it in bite sized chunks raising awareness and funds for One Girl Australia.

Currently I live in the Netherlands with my family. We landed here after asking ourselves a few ‘big’ life questions. We weren’t digging the direction we were heading  so we changed it up. We wanted to find a different way.

And so we sold and gave away what we didn’t need, we bought a campervan and six one way tickets. We set off without a return date and our plan was sketchy … there wasn’t even a bucket list to check off!

I’m still reflecting on the wonder of that particular adventure but there is one thing I’m sure of –  we are incredibly privileged to live this life we do. And as the adventure continues and we try to find that balance of readjusting to a ‘new’ normal I’m looking forward to pondering more of this as I walk.

I walked the Camino de Santiago for charity, to stand for girls education and to support other mother’s in supporting their daughters. It was an incredible experience that showed me just what can be achieved when step into what scares us and believe in our dreams. The support and kindness I received from around the world absolutely BLEW my mind.

My hike for One Girl raised enough money to send 28 girls to school. Yes that’s 28 girls who would have more chance of becoming child brides without school. We did that. And we made a HUGE difference.

The Camino is said to begin when it ends. Life always gives us ending and beginnings … I like embracing those (it’s not always easy). But the next chapter is always waiting to be written, that excites me – so here I am writing myself into it.

I still like to keep it a little wild. I think many of us are looking for time out of the crazy. Connecting with the nature and I believe adventure (no matter how it looks) is a beautiful way home to what truly matters.

We are stepping into a new life chapter here – creating one that feels in tune with the season we’re in. Unapologetically saying ‘no’ to the things that don’t matter to create more space to say ‘yes’ to what does. It has its challenges … so thank goodness for the anchor that walking and One Girl provides me.

Trying our best to live life like we mean it – a life with no regrets.

Fran xx



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