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The Currency Of A Posy.

Hello friends,

Many years ago I read a post where the writer had photographed a little posy of lavender. She had attached it to a farewell card for a friend. It was a sweet, simple story and the little posy imprinted in my mind as possibly the most lovingly, whimsical gift I had ever seen. It was pure heart. I tucked that story away for the future.

A few weeks ago when I found myself back to writing I wasn’t sure what it was I was looking for in these pages. I just knew I needed to be here, to search. Where is it that my voice is most needed? How could this time mean something more than survival? Why was I feeling so conflicted?

Like any journey we take we can’t actually arrive until we do the travel, have the experience, live the story. And just like any of the great journeys or life transitions I’ve personally travelled there are times when you feel sure and times when you’re unsure.

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The Greatest Romance

Hola dear friends!

When I walked the Camino de Santiago with my sister there were no rules, no expectations. We walked knowing we were each walking our own walk and at anytime if we needed to split – we would. Walking 800km was a great unknown. How would we each handle it? What would the challenges be? Who would we meet? 

It is a bit like this time. The unknown. What will tomorrow bring? When will the end arrive? Who will we meet on the way? And like the camino we take the path. Each day taking us closer to the the other side – the beyond.

I may have been a bit extreme in thinking I could simply turn my phone off for 31 days! Aside from needing contact with my mum, it is a place where I connect with people. And let’s face it in these times our people are important. 

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Poetry For The Soul

Each day I take my run through the woods, still with the freedom to walk through the front door at a time of my choosing. When I’m walking out the door the music up and I’m pumped – I am ready to move. Sometimes it’s putting the music on before I leave the house that gets me motivated. For all that has changed in the world we still have choices. Freedom. I’m not saying it’s easy but many of us still do – it’s in how we frame life.

In deciding to turn my phone off for a month yesterday I have effectively turned off the music to which I run. Something I hadn’t thought through. This is why it is best to leap rather than think sometimes! As I left I thought, ok no music, I can still do this. Without the music in my ears there was something else to hear. One of my favourite things actually. A kind of poetry for the soul. The sound of the chirpy Great Tit’s as they wax lyrical about the day’s events.

Looking back over these past weeks the biggest shift has come for me each time I accept the challenge. I was early in my preparedness, accepting the virus was on the way. This did not send me spinning into shock when things changed in a weekend. For a while I was angry. Angry that many ignored what was coming and in doing so spent no time considering the associated mortality of their choices and those without safety nets. I was angry that people saw this as a blessing when for many it is anything but. Eventually, once the world began to act to protect people I found a way to accept there would be mortality because at least now we’re trying to reduce this and also, that people are just where they are on this pandemic journey.

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When Everything Old Is New Again


“It’s not a competition, it’s a doorway.”― Mary Oliver

Why hola amigos!

It has been a while.

What to do when the world is changing so fast? And what to do when in amongst that change there is a tightrope to tread? A tightrope between balancing the levels of emotion and discourse that’s currently bombarding our inner and outer worlds. We may well be in isolation but that doesn’t mean the world and its opining is in ISO!

Talk, yes we need it, of course we need to talk but how much do we need? How much do we really need to hear? This is the question I ask myself. For me it isn’t about blocking news or hard facts or heart felt conversations but to create enough internal space to think my way forward. As the introvert type this isolation thing is not the challenge I face.

I like time alone – except that I am not alone. Voices seem very loud right now. Louder than ever! And I feel I’m loud. Odd that isn’t it – people stay stay home and begin to scream louder. It is to be expected of course, there is a crisis we are all collectively living with. And the problem is is that while we are all living this experience, where we are, where we come from and where we want to go is different. Continue reading When Everything Old Is New Again

Lightening The Backpack


Hola Amigas,

Argh! Decisions are hard sometimes aren’t they? Especially the ones that require letting go of something you once imagined for yourself. Mostly, I try to keep decisions simple. I keep mine and our children’s daily lives close to home, I wear somewhat of a uniform (currently leggings and a woolly jumper) and I am a creature of habit in the kitchen!

But every now and then we need to make a big one.

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