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So you want to Campervan in Europe with kids? Read on.

Right you’ve decided then! Or maybe you’re still dreaming about taking that campervan trip through Europe. I know that dream well.

Calling a campervan home with the freedom of time and movement with our four kids. I’ve spent hours daydreaming about that.

Indulging in spectacular sunsets while breathing in the salty air of the rugged Portugese coastline. Spending the afternoons in the French sunshine with my lover enjoying ‘les produits locaux’ while the kids play in the streams and rivers.

Or perhaps hiking in the Sierra Nevada alongside Spanish mountain goats, exquisito. And of course not forgetting my (other) true love. Italia, with it’s love language of words, art, food and architecture.

Romantic?  YES! Tasted? YES! Time of our lives? YES, YES, YES!

We sold the car, downsized our life, possessions and outgoings to move to Europe and make it a reality. I think I dreamed it into happening.

If a campervan trip across Europe is your dream. I can’t give you a con as to why you shouldn’t go for it. Ok there is one. A very real one.

Once home you’ll suffer from withdrawal symptoms and you’ll start to wonder exactly when you’re going to be able do it all again.

But then you’ll book a cheap train trip to Berlin for the school holidays because you’re a travel addict curious adventurer and you’re here in Europe to see it – why not?

Followed by planning a camino adventure because you want to do something that matters, the privilege of your travel adventure pushed you to do that.

Then you’ll take action and re-live your camper trip and talk #vanlife by compiling a list of campervan ‘things’ to help others make their dream easier.

That’s what I did anyway. I hope it helps. Here goes. Continue reading So you want to Campervan in Europe with kids? Read on.

Adventuring As A Family. Here’s how.

This post written by Frances Antonia and was first published on She Went Wild on March 28, 2017.

Mine was a childhood spent outdoors in the backyard and beyond. Weekend bush walks, long weekend road trips and school holiday travel. I have great memories of new friends made in camping grounds that after days of swimming, sand castle building, night walks with torches and sharing secrets became best friends. Addresses were always exchanged and sometimes a letter followed. Good times in our big old second-hand canvas army tent. Yes, one of those with no flooring. When it rained my dad would dig trenches around it.

My siblings and I still laugh when we talk about the trips we took in the station wagon, always packed to the rafters. Some stories have even made it into wedding speeches. These are family folk stories, adventures shared that are relived time and time again. The kind that we are creating with our children, fodder for their ‘when I was a kid’ stories. Continue reading Adventuring As A Family. Here’s how.