Blog a book – The Sunday Edition. The time we sold it all to buy a campervan and travel

The Sunday Edition – Here they are week by week.

Tonight we fly! Checklists! London baby, we made it.

Week 2 – Drops Sunday 16th May 2021

Week 3 – Drops Sunday 23rd May 2021

Week 4 – Drops Sunday 30th May 2021

The longest time ago my friend Lisa told me to blog the book I wanted to write! I thought I could just go quiet and write it … ha ha seems that is harder than I anticipated. Thanks for reading along so far lovely Janet. Sorry the instalments have halted!

Perhaps, I should do it differently. The one I am writing isn’t really ready so I am going to start with a new one. Another of my other dearests once said to me ‘write on your blog each week – commit’. Brydie, I think I am finally ready now :) Now that I do it as a job, perhaps it is time to show myself and my own writing ambitions the same commitment as I show ‘the man’.

Here we go – each Sunday in The Sunday Edition I will drop a post about that time we travelled in a campervan through southern Europe. How we got there, why, the characters we met along the way, a bit about how and of course the trip itself. You see my phone has this new feature where it shows me past photos and yep all those photos keep popping up! I need to do something with them. So I am going to share the story.

And you know I love serendipity and the women are really showing up in my life right now. The ones who were there from the beginning of my writing life. The ones who have always been there. And new ones, the ones who seem to believe in me more than I believe in myself.

I plan to create a photo album to give to my family. Seems like a nice simple way to get the creative juices flowing. While I am creating this chronologically I’ll write. I will create a Sunday weekly post sharing the story, this way my family will get a book to go alongside the the photo-book.

I do hope you’ll enjoy and that you’ll be looking forward to each weekly instalment, each a joyful trip down memory lane. I am going to take you with me as I re-live our adventure. You’re my demanding editor keeping me accountable!

You can write yourself anywhere. I know, I did it!

Fran xx

"You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them." E.J. Lamprey

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