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My secret weapon to living my real life? Solvitur Ambulando.

When you flick through the photo albums in your mind what are the pictures that make you smile?

This is one of my favourites. It was of my birthday a couple of years ago and we were on a local trail in Sydney (the Karloo Track), at the time just an hour from home.

A lot of my favourite things and the perfect gift.

My people, the Australian bush, adventure, a chance to slip into my 20 year old hiking boots and the real world.

‘Solvitur Ambulando’ (Latin) – it is solved by walking. The response by B.C. Greek philosopher Diogenes to the question ‘is motion real’?

A year or so before this shot I found myself in a big, bustling, competitive, noisy life. It was a lonely place and it didn’t feel like my ‘real’ life.

One day, I sold all the high heeled boots that sat in my wardrobe. I sold them to someone who needed them for their life – I didn’t anymore.

I uncovered my hiking boots at the back of that wardrobe. The mere sight of them was enough to flood my mind with images and thoughts that reminded me of ‘me’. Memories that make me smile and feel glad.

I started walking again in this style. Seeking out trails. I found solitude and peace in the mini adventures that could be found on my doorstep – taking my family with me.

With each step I found ways to solve the problems of big, noise, hustle and competition as they pertained to our life. It was a way back to living creatively. 

To seek answers to how things could be done differently.

The silence and motion of hiking (walking) gives me space to think and a way in (to myself). The trees heal. I see it time and time again when my kids set out on the trail too.

Do I feel like each day I’m living my real life these days? Yep. Of course I’m not immune to the everyday stresses and all the normal emotions but I do have a secret weapon that keeps it all in check – Solvitur ambulando.

What’s your secret weapon?

If you find yourself out on the trail, no matter for how long or how far and want to share, please tag it #hikeforonegirl so I can find it. Singing birds are well worth the effort.

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Camino Frances 2018 (769km) – Trek for One Girl Sponsors:

The come down after the BIG adventure. Forward motion (8) thoughts.

For 6 months of last year I was knee deep in our European slow travel road trip planning.

Each day after dropping the kids at school I’d high tail home to photograph, advertise and sell our household possessions or research some form of our trip.

Often the people who were buying our things were on, or, returning from adventure themselves.

The young French couple who bought our car fridge for the 4WD they’d renovated. They were about to travel around Australia and were infectiously excited I could feel it.

I joked with the gentleman who bought the bike racks for his car (he cycles rather than hikes – because of his knees) about meeting him on the Camino one day. I hardly knew anything about the Camino on that day – oddly coincidental that I’m currently about to embark on it.

I got the sense from the couple with young kids who bought our dining room chairs that they had post adventure blues. They had just come back from a few years in Sth America. I know that feeling.

I felt like I was part of a club. An adventure club. These were my people.  Continue reading The come down after the BIG adventure. Forward motion (8) thoughts.