Thank you to The Champions

Welcome to the page where the support crew and champions of this story of adventure and charity are acknowledged. Thank you.

And then there was that time I had a conversation with Kez of Travel Play Live Magazine. Together with her business partner Amy they are rockstars in changing the landscape of Women and Adventure in Australia. They are creating a space for the voices, a community and growing a REAL presence for women. They have also given me a little space to share this story. Three Generations of Dreamers – yep I sit in the middle – inspired by my fierce mum and my passionate daughter.

There is something pretty darn amazing about watching stories unfold. The quiet do’ers who change their lives to align them with their values. Cybele I have loved and continue to love seeing your dreams unfold. Thank you for your recent donation – one girl educated next year.

I’ve met some pretty amazing people along this path. I am always open to new people. To me life is always going to change, as we grow we shed and as we shed there is new growth. I met Kirsty last year while I was travelling with my family. She asked me to write for her blog but I didn’t feel like I had a story to share. When this idea to hike the Camino popped into my dreams I thought hmmm maybe I could call in those blogging favours and write this story. Thank you Kirsty for giving me the chance to contribute to your blog … I really enjoyed writing a little part of my story for you. I am also so appreciative of your encouragement and super excited support when this was only a spark. I think you saw more of what I could achieve than I did! You’re a true community builder.

Well dear Annette there was that time you send me the most beautiful parcel that contained your artwork. That artwork hangs so proudly in my hallway and it reminds me everyday of the importance of noticing the colour and kindness in our lives. You are always so supportive whenever I write something from deep inside – that stuff is hard to share. So thank you for keeping my nerve strong.

At the start of this European adventure we spent 3 months living in Ireland. It was all kinds of wonderful – I loved our time in Ireland. When I was walking along the coast each day I started collecting trash. It was quite a problem where I was. I joined in with Just Grab Bits and their initiative to just grab bits of trash. I still pick up trash but where I walk now there is very little and I haven’t been as vocal about the problem. Just grab bits showed me how a ripple effect can create an incredible amount of awareness. During that time I had so many people sending me photos of their own trash collecting (with kids). I’ve listed Just Grab Bits as a sponsor because I feel that they inspired me along the way to creating a project for myself. Sponsorship isn’t only about stuff but also support. Thank you Toby for in some way helping me to believe that I could stand for something.

Sometimes when we take on the challenge of setting up a project we need to think a little creatively. Instead of going for normal ‘adventure’ sponsors I thought I’d think a little left of packs and gear. I already have a pack and with what I already have the WWW gear I was sorted.  I did email GO TO Skincare knowing that I’d need to keep on top of my face hero. I know they don’t need what I’m doing but I needed what they were doing. They are bullshit free and that sits right with me! And yes they were keen to sponsor some skincare for the trek. So thank you GO TO you have helped me to feel a little stronger with strong base of support and that encouraged me to keep going – to keep standing up for what I wanted to achieve.

Sponsorship was never about getting ‘free’ stuff for me. I was always going to hike this trail on my own anyhow. But I realised that if I wanted to generate some interest in what I was doing and raise awareness it would be helpful to get others on board. It is also an opportunity to promote companies that I use and love. I approached Wild Wilderness Wear for socks! I knew I’d need good socks for the trail as I am prone to blisters. I also loved that they were an Aussie brand supporting Aussie farmers and manufacturing in Australia. I was overwhelmed when Jon from WWW not only offered to sponsor socks-  but also gear – AND they wanted to make me a Wilderness Wear Tribe Member – I literally nearly fell of my chair. To Jon and all the crew at WWW we are definitely mates and thank you for helping me give this little project of mine some visibility. I have tried out all the gear and it is high quality, technical, comfortable and perfect for a hiker mum!

RIGHT I have gotten so behind here and this is really important – the saying thank you so here I go again.

My Warriors and Mentors – the women who I look up to and learn from. I’ve written this poem for you because sharing your voices, your essence, that matters.

She unravels in the storm
Hungry for humility
A pause to feel

Lost in her secret world
Steadied by strength
Warmed by colours

She hears their voices
Their essence is shared
Again she sails

Steered by the winds of meaning
A love affair with life
Her voice returning

None of us get anywhere alone. Even though for me I LOVE alone I am graced to have you whispering in my life. Thank you.

For me Instagram started as inspiration, it then became about creativity but overwhelmingly it has been about connection. I have met people from all over the world, talk to them offline and have met up with then over food and great conversation.  Weekly, there’s a story of kindness that I could share with you about this little online space. Recently I ‘met’ Ley. Instantly we bonded over hiking and travel stories. I love her travel style. I was completely overwhelmed was she donated to my fundraiser page. Ley – thank you for contributing to One Girl and their education revolution.

Some thank-you’s are hard to write. They take a little longer because you need to get the words right. I met my friend Lisa way back in 2015 when I dipped my toe in the blogging world. Three blogs later, so many adventurous journeys and we’re still learning from and supporting each other. Lisa has become a true friend and one that I have travelled a great many miles with – even though many miles seperate us. Thanks for being there Lisa. I’ll dedicate a leg of the Camino to you. Oh wait, dedicated legs…I just came up with an idea! See you’re inspiring me even when I write you a thank you.

Katy from Salomon is a champion of this Camino Trek for One Girl story. On behalf of Salomon she said yes to sponsoring my shoes for the hike. Thank you Salomon for being in my support crew. I’m glad you’re part of the foundations. I will now donate the money I would have spent on shoes to my One Girl fundraiser and we’ll be close to getting two girls educated next year.

Erin dreaming of Almonds – You are incredible and so are you Sarah Red Ladybird Wellness. Prolific writers of honest thoughts with hearts and words that that remind me of all that’s important. Beautiful friends. So glad to be in the world with you two blowing the dandelion seeds to the wind. xx

Paula the Pilgrim – Wow. Thank you so much for your contribution. I am so grateful for your support. Your words during my trip are some of the comments that I hold the closest. As a seasoned camino walker you have so much wisdom. I’m so looking forward to interviewing you for this journal and sharing your thoughts more widely. xx

Alexandra and Ricardo of Camping Trevélez. My first sponsorship ‘no’ gave me a wonderful way to write a beautiful story of our time staying at your camping village. Thank you for your kind email and facebook post.  I have printed that email to go next to the ‘no’ emails, with lovely words from people like you behind me I’m already winning.  We will definitely see you again. xx

Kimberly Day – Thank you for your generous donation! You are amazing. One girl’s life will change because of you I am really give this my heart. x x

My Family – Greg, Tommy, Zoë, Lucas and Jimmy because when I said I am going to do this and it’ll take 35 days all you did was get excited for me and One Girl. My husband last week announced he’d take a month of holiday to hold down the fort so that I wouldn’t have to take this trek over 4 trips. I am so glad we walk this ‘Camino’ of life together. xx

"You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them." E.J. Lamprey

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