Doing it on purpose with purpose.

Adventures On My Bike – Day 3/28

Today’s recipe: Salmon, tomato with zucchini noodles.

To start a creative project or to choose to live creatively is to continually plant seeds. Often there’s no telling what kind of flower or fruit we’ll grow. But slowly, by tending to and nurturing our ideas, dreams and sparks we will begin to see and feel the growth and changes. First the seeds will sprout, small and noticeable but not yet able to hold their own (they still need attention and time). They help us of course, those sprouts. If we notice and feel them we’ll know if we’re growing the right plants. Bugger nurturing the wrong seeds.

I’ve been taking photos for many years and as a result my photography is a strong plant now. I can depend on it for the right feels, that’s enough for me. And even though I’d neglected it since arriving in The Netherlands it’s sturdy like a sunflower. My blogging, I’ve been at that for a while too, longer perhaps. But never with any real commitment. I treated it like mint … watering it infrequently and letting it grow wild. Mint is a strong plant, hanging in there patiently waiting for when it’s needed. I get the feeling that most people presume that the physicality of walking the camino was the challenge for me. It really wasn’t (the shins yes but deep down I still knew I’d make it through that). I’ve been watering my grit seed since I was 5 years old, like an Apple tree in an Orchard my grit is a well rooted plant. No I had other seeds to water out there on the trail.

And because I did. I’m here. Here with my healthy sunflower and some good looking mint growing (a.k.a. photography and writing habits) they are blooming. There’s also a healthy dose of self-confidence and grounding that comes from walking for charity and actually finally putting myself out there to stand up. That’s a whole other plant story but for this one let’s call it basil on account of it needing ongoing rejuvenation and work. So, my plants (sunflower, mint and basil) are helping me grow more plants. Different plants, but again plants from seed. And now for the good news! Today a few sprouted and what I notice and feel tells me they’re the good seeds – the heirlooms.

Another day into my 28 day challenge of getting on my bike to create a story about food and I’m feeling it. I’m feeling the beautiful breeze of momentum blowing in. The fridge is loaded with freshness and color giving rise to so much promise. What will I create. Does it surprise you that I don’t meal plan? Most simplicity blogs do recommend it but you know me – rebel ;). Ha ha no I just need spontaneity and a week long plan is a bit too much for this free spirit. I buy with the idea of Buddha bowls … I can load it all up together if need be.

I never tire of the view of my kids on bikes or shopping for food at the market. It’s also a good place for them (and me) to practice Dutch. Names of fruit and veg, colours, please and thank you’s. Look at that – watering more seeds. It’s also spectacularly refreshing to see the seasonal produce. Summer is in da house.

Coming home from the market was when I really felt it. The breeze. You know the one, momentum. I could also see it. It was in my kitchen window sill, in my lunch bowl and definitely in my mood as I started getting thorough and moving around my home with purpose. And then I went for a hike!

And on that hike I noticed other people moving and something about this guy in particular. Can you see it?

His arm?

He cycles with his arm swinging in the wild too.

And then I thought about my new (sort of) mantra. Is what I’m doing on purpose? And secondly am I doing it with purpose? That matters to me you see. We don’t have forever to get to purposeful. We can’t keep putting shit off. We have to the plant seeds to grow stuff – stuff that matters. The stuff we want to make, do, change, be. It is up to us individually. We are the only ones that can make our own choices – on purpose with purpose.

So yes friends, momentum is here to play and it’s welcome. Let this breeze become a gust. I’m ready!

Best I take it to dinner with this little salmon and zucchini noodle number. Delicious!

Salmon and Zucchini noodles.

We feed a family of 6 so I won’t give you amounts just how it’s cooked! You can play with amounts.


  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Tiny tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Salmon (or tuna or whatever)
  • Basil
  • Salt and Pepper


In a pan heat olive oil, add your finely chopped garlic and tomatoes (10 mins or so). The Tommy’s will pop wait for the juices to dribble out. Remove and leave in a bowl (they’ll continue to cook).

Pop your Salmon in the Pan (5 – 7 mins we only had two small thin fillets) set aside once cooked.

Add the zucchini noodles. Yep that’s right your zucchini are the noodles. You can finely slice them with a knife, use a spiraliser or like us use a vegetable peeler (there’s a serrated edge on ours that allows a larger slice). Cook for (7-8 mins) I don’t love it too raw, season with salt and pepper.

Now simply stir through your tomatoes and salmon and throw some basil in if you’ve got it.

And there’s day three and still so much to chat about. As usual I feel like I’ve written you the longest letter so if you made it this far I must say thank you and farewell … for now.

Buen camino friends,

Fran xx

6 thoughts on “Doing it on purpose with purpose.”

  1. Who would’ve thought Fran would be posting recipes in her blog!
    Definitely a new seed growing wildly there. Well done you. That must feel pretty bloody good.

    Those markets look beautiful… no plastic in sight.


    1. Ha ha who indeed! Not me that’s for sure. But if I’ve learnt one or two things about myself it’s that I need accountability … in my own way.

      Yeah it sure feels pretty bloody wild and good. The process of resettling is always better when I stick with the basics to find an anchor.

      Oh there are some stalls with plastic. We deliberately or should I say … we shop on purpose at the one without with purpose, no plastic! 👊🏼💚🤣

      Thanks for dropping in Liz. Hope your finding your motion, your groove.

      Fran xx


  2. That looks yum Fran, did you make it up or follow recipe? I reckon some goats cheese would go well with it! Did your kids like this dish? Mine would struggle I think, Hugo loves all veggies but not mixed together! I got sick of cooking the same old dishes so we’ve tried something new this last month to inspire me.. it’s called ‘hello fresh’ and is seasonal fresh produce ethically packaged delivered to us with recipes. ( enough for 3 meals a week… therefore time other days to shop where I most want to) It’s taken the joy out of buying the food… but I was struggling to always get to where I wanted to but it’s really helped my cooking skills with almost zero wastage… today Moroccan style halmouli. )Holly loves this. Not often they all like it but they have to try.

    Your photos ( and words) are beautiful! Amazing what’s around us when we open our eyes and our hearts hey.
    Best wishes to Greg for his hike.


    1. Goats cheese, yes perfect! I’ll add that to the recipe. Loving your tips, you’re refining these as I go. :)

      Yes, all my kids ate this. It really looks like pasta and they all love sweet cherry tomatoes. The consistency of the zucchini is like pasta that really helps.

      Zucchini noodles I’ve been doing since I did the IQS program. The tomato idea came from a friend who cooked it for me before I left for the camino. She cooks the tomatoes down to a more sauce like consistency. I guess you could even add carrot??

      Hello fresh sounds good. Love the ethical and seasonal aspect … nothing wrong with keeping it simpler. Also great for inspiration. We all love halloumi … hmm watch this space.

      Zero waste is so satisfying. It feels good to be focusing on that with renewed vigour … so important to my self worth. Living close to my values, at least trying.

      Thanks for noticing, I feel that. ;) Most of is have everything we need if we open our eyes and focus on growing the seeds that feel right.

      Sharing a bowl of zucchini pasta with you has indeed been spectacular. F xx


  3. Your writing has changed, wonderfully. The uncertainty is gone and I could sense that in the first two paragraphs.

    Your salmon with noodles looks amazing!

    The Camino watered the desires you previously expressed in your blog, and now they are most certainly blooming!

    Frickin’ awesome Fran!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh how you fill my day with your kindness. It is a shift though … oh how I can feel it! And oh how I love the power of the words. Literally it feels like writing myself into a new story because it changes the story in my head. One chapter at a time.

      And so we keep watering our creative seeds and how they sustain us.

      F xxx


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