The Greatest Romance

Hola dear friends!

When I walked the Camino de Santiago with my sister there were no rules, no expectations. We walked knowing we were each walking our own walk and at anytime if we needed to split – we would. Walking 800km was a great unknown. How would we each handle it? What would the challenges be? Who would we meet? 

It is a bit like this time. The unknown. What will tomorrow bring? When will the end arrive? Who will we meet on the way? And like the camino we take the path. Each day taking us closer to the the other side – the beyond.

I may have been a bit extreme in thinking I could simply turn my phone off for 31 days! Aside from needing contact with my mum, it is a place where I connect with people. And let’s face it in these times our people are important. 

In my leaping into extremeness I have made a discovery or two. The mind boggling one – a phone can be switched off. I know, mind blown! It actually can be off, not just put aside, but off – for hours even.

And my moment of realisation – maybe I don’t need to switch it off without ever switching it on! I just needed to remember I can switch it off. Like when you’re done with a game you pack it up or done with the milk back in the fridge it goes. 

Intention! Yeah that’s it.

So I have changed the rules of this journey. Created some more space for myself. My life has actually not slowed or stoped because of Corona it has become fuller. The house usually empty is now full! FULL. The children who usually spend their days at school are home with only one of the four able to work independently. Something had to give if I was to create some space for me. 

An adjustment if you will.

And in the space  of this mind boggling new discovery I managed a few things! I read a book from cover to cover. I rediscovered my love of writing these long words. I thought a lot about dreamy things and even managed to sort myself out a few hikey days (with friends) in the next week. All of which is enough. I want to peak outwards a little. While the world is closing in, I want to keep mine open. Open to magic. The magic of life.

I don’t want to down play the hardship this time involves for some. I know that exists too. I really do. I hope the beyond is where we will see the fruits of this time for those. More compassion, generosity and awareness. More justice. 

I finished the camino with my sister. Along the way there was never a consideration that we would walk seperate ways. We walked our own ways and we walked  them together. It was a perfect mix and one of the greatest things I have done in my life.

The camino is an experience which I draw on for sturdy reminders regularly. We are all doing this differently, in our own way. This time is not unlike the camino … the unknown, the challenges and if we are open perhaps even moments of great wonder. It is in those moments where love lives, in amongst all the extremes, all the feelings and it’s still my favourite. Always.

Aaah yes I created some space to step into the greatest romance of my life – life itself. 


Fran x




7 thoughts on “The Greatest Romance”

  1. Beautiful words Fran. It is an unusual but magical time we find ourselves in… one that is slower but busier in some respects ( the home school thing and keeping house which is so necessary when it’s full!) and the phone can take up far too much space esp as we scramble to connect, read, be up with the news. I’m glad you’ve found the freedom in turning it off and finding more you time. And I’m glad you’re writing again … meaningful words from your beautiful heart 💕

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    1. Aaah Susie! I miss you. Yep normally it’s not such a thing in my life but I really struggle with it. The news stories don’t change. I think other than a brief update I’m good with reading about corona now. And the online world it’s just weird for me right now. I just don’t know how to say the things I want to say. I am also questioning friendships. Maybe in this time with a heightened sense of emotions that’s not a great idea. I’ll sit with that. I don’t need to produce anything major or be over achieving in this time – I just don’t want to be numb you know. I need my feet on the ground in this time and my head a little in the clouds too. I really like writing again. Here. Where you read and a few others where I know my heart is safe. F x


    1. Truth! Before I walked the actual Camino I blogged loads as it was a walk for charity. I realised then that we are all just in a camino everyday! Like is one or one big adventure. Lol. See what I did there. :)

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  2. Ah I could relate to this Fran. My house is suddenly full and I had been displaced hahahah, but yeah after a month I realised I need to find a space for myself too. I literally found a tiny corner in my young kid’s room where I could read and write blogs again :) — Amor

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    1. Ha ha that sounds quite sweet! Your tiny corner. Lots of cushions and a bean bag? Lol maybe my kids rooms would be better than my kitchen corner .. if I’m in the kitchen they’re there asking for food. 🤣 I am enjoying lots of reading too.

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