The Big Wind Will Again Blow

The power of the new year. In the days before, the forces begin whipping up like a whirlpool. They swirl around inviting you in for a swim. A swim in the liminal space, the transition between one year to the next. It’s brief. As the currents are swirling they reveal our deepest desires, our resolutions, our honesty, a path. Surrendering to the currents is our choice. As quickly as the turbulence arrives, it leaves. The pressure relaxes and we’re catapulted into the new time, a new land, this space we call ‘a new year’. Often we arrive with a supply of vigour, and an extra hint of wisdom. Cherish these, workout how to keep them loaded. They’re gifts for the journey.

Happy New Year friends! And how are you? It’s been a hell-of-a-year hasn’t it!? Far out, so much topsy turvy! I don’t know the difference anymore between what is a gut feeling and what is a covid induced feeling. I truly don’t. And I can’t complain. I won’t. Many have it truly hard. I don’t lament missed trips or the time spent doing not much or all those boxes left unchecked. Where in the abyss did the second half of my year go? When will I see my family again? This day is the one I wait patiently for. This day, when it arrives, a day I already cherish.

Where did the whirlpool take you? Me, it gave me deliberate. Deliberate as a word to take me through this year. ‘Intentionally wilful’ my friend said today of deliberate. I like this description. There’s something determined about it. It’s been a few years between words for me, but this year the whirlpool was rather forceful. It’s time to be on the move, open to shaking things up. There is something or somewhere or someone, a gem or two for me to find this year. I’m rather determined about it. It’s probably why ‘deliberate’ arrived for this year – I have to work it out, where I’m going.

It’s been busy around these parts, good busy. I started working as a librarian one day a week. A job title I never thought I’d have! I guess I’ve been surrounded by writers, books and bookish desires for a while so it’s not that far out of the realm of coincidence, is it?!? I started working after my summer of writing in Tuscany.

Within a month of starting I’d written a library newsletter (of the happenings as I saw them). Interestingly, it seems the ‘human’ blog style of writing resonates in the real world. I was immediately offered another day to manage their socials. So these calls to do something, they do eventually lead somewhere. I think it’s nice to share this, after years of writing practice it finally pays (a little). Is it my dream job? I’m not sure, but it is something I needed.

Covid is of course keeping us in one place right now. So much change eh. From monthly to weekly to daily and back again. In no particular order. Nope, no plans, no big changes or decisions are happening here. Ok, maybe we will renovate our 100 year old house a little. But honestly it’s enough just keeping everyone together in this time.

There are so many people of all different ages and stages I feel for in this time. I don’t plan to plod through the year though. No. This is why deliberate matters. This is a year to prepare the ship, to work on what is needed to sail, to not look back, nor too far forward, but to be. Deliberate. Deliberate actions, deliberate thoughts, deliberate choices. For the wind will once again blow. And the wind, oh the wind, unlike the whirlpool – will take you along a way for years …. I’m gonna be ready for when she blows.

Perhaps, in the meantime I’ll write again. Deliberately.

How are you all travelling?

F xx

3 thoughts on “The Big Wind Will Again Blow”

  1. I like it! Deliberate! To me that sounds like taking control of your life and controlling your responses to what life throws at you. And Boy, we have had a fair bit thrown about in the last 12 months. Here’s to a fabulous, and if not fabulous at least purposeful, 2021! x

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    1. This is exactly what it is! Knowing where I am and being here, not letting this time pass without purpose! And to you too friend, all the fabulousness, purpose that’s needed to make this year a cracker! Cause 2022 is going to be a BIG one.

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